Bella on the first morning after the fire.


Butterscotch & Bella one month after their arrival at HSNT.


Butterscotch and Bella days before the fire destroyed their barn and nearly killed them. We hope that with your help we can restore them to this condition!   

A Mother's Love

In the early morning hours of April 6th, a heating lamp in a nearby barn stall shorted and started an electrical fire that roared swiftly through the small building and caused life-threatening burns over the majority of Bella's body.

In the wake of the fire, Bella's devastated family realized that they were unable to care for her extreme injuries and tearfully reached out to the Humane Society of North Texas in hopes that we could save her life and the life of their beloved pony. When we arrived, it was clear that Bella's prognosis was bleak. She suffered severe burns to the majority of her body and the billowing smoke that she had inhaled scorched her lungs.  We rushed the pair to the care of an equine specialist, fearing the worst.

It's been two months and Bella and Butterscotch are recovering very well! Bella recently underwent ear surgery to improve her comfort level and quality of life. The surgery went flawlessly and her Veterinarians are very optimistic that she will make a full recovery!

Butterscotch has grown into an incredibly social and playful young foal, yet she never strays far from Bella's sight.

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(updated June 9, 2014)