July 5, 2012


Dear Friends, 


Your unparalleled participation and tremendous commitment to the  Humane Society North Texas (HSNT) has resulted in completing the demolition of the house at 2311 Grafton St. in Fort Worth and creating a new, life-saving rehabilitation clinic and barnyard area. HSNT staff, volunteers and the animals at the shelter are very grateful for your support! It’s easy for us to say yes  when we are asked to assist in projects, events and humane investigation cases throughout Texas; but it is much more difficult for us to ask for help in return.  The Board of Directors and staff would like to recognize and thank all of the following agencies and individuals who came to our rescue:


Jeffery White, SCI Drilling

Bill Boecker, Fine Line Diversified

Matt Carter, Fine Line Diversified

The Mortiz Family

Hugh and Judy McElroy

Tommy Miller and Rodney DeBaun, Aerofirma Corporation

Chris Johnson, Pinnacle Environmental

Gary Caldwell, 1 Priority Services

Amy Drew, B&B Waste Transit

Kevin Sonnostine, ERI Consulting

David Thornberg, Republic Services

Liberty Services

Sandy Grambort

Mike and Cecily Walker

Zandra Bean

The brave men and women of the Fort Worth Fire Department

Scott Hanlon and Brandon Bennett,  City of Fort Worth

Kevin Corley, Sunbelt Rentals

Texas Star Transport

 The commitment of time, expertise and resources brought together to complete this project has been nothing short of phenomenal. What seemed like an everyday project to some was nothing short of miraculous for HSNT. Our staff set up a Ustream video on the day of demolition, and supporters across the state watched from their home computers as the day’s work took place. Cheers were heard as the first part of the old house came down and as the last bit of wall finally fell.  On behalf of the Humane Society of North Texas (HSNT), I thank you for your participation in making the demolition and construction of the rehabilitation and barnyard possible.   With your help, we will save many animals needing our care.  We look forward to many more years of working together as we advocate for animal well-being in Fort Worth and throughout the state of Texas.  

Demolition Day

 old house on hsnt property

 . Renovation of the barnyard area and a rehabilitation clinic was sorely needed. An old, dilapidated house represented an opportunity for a new rehabilitation center.  Because of your help we can be proud of our work, as well as our workplace!

 New Barnyard


The new barnyard features three secure, ventilated, treated stalls with concrete floors, lighting for night-time emergency arrivals and a lean-to for animals more accustomed to being outdoors. Complete with a separate wash bay area.

New Rehab Center

rehab front     rehab pharmacy    rehab chihuahua

The new rehab center is 1,200 square feet with areas segregated by species and contagious status.  Contagious and non-contagious areas have their own separate air ventilation systems.  The facility can house up to 30 sick or injured dogs and up to 20 sick or injured cats.